Attractive Wooden Fence Designs

We showcase here our most recent, attractive Wooden Fence Designs we've installed and constructed including Absolute Privacy designs.

Semi-Private Designs

Shadow Box Fencing

Shadow box fencing provides a very sharp looking alternative to a standard stockade fence, however it is only semi-private. Others walking or driving by can see partially through your shadowbox fence to the backyard.

Shadowbox fence, shadow box fencing, front facing street in Edmond, Oklahoma

The limited privacy is often not an issue for many people since their property is shared with friendly neighbors who are more concerned about protecting your property as well. Plus, from the front, there is usually limited to no view of the back yard.

Solid Board Wooden Fence Design

Solid Board fence is exceptionally cost effective and useful in providing excellent privacy. Pickets are nailed to the back rails with galvanized nails.

4" cedar picket privacy fencing, solid board fence

Also, check out our #1 selling fence design, the:

5/8" x 6" Solid Board Western Red Cedar Privacy Fence

5/8" x 6" Solid Board Western Red Cedar Privacy Fence

Absolute Privacy Fence Styles

The "Absolute" privacy fence designs allow for absolutely no viewing through the pickets. Those here are 2-sided solid board design and board on board.

We use the term "absolute" to convey the fact that basically no one could peak anywhere through your fence.

2-sided Solid Board Privacy Fence Design

We completed a 2 sided solid board privacy fence where the pickets are installed on both side for aesthetic purposes.

This is a picture of only the backside of the fence. The front looks exactly the same. Postmaster inline posts were used to create a true good neighbor fence.

2-sided solid board design, using Master Halco Postmaster inline posts

Decorative Privacy Fence

This is a board on board privacy fence design. This is a decorative privacy fence that looks very attractive, provides absolute privacy, and is slightly cheaper than the Shadowbox Fence.

If you click on the headings they will take you to more pictures of these types of fencing, and the options available.

Decorative Absolute privacy fence, 6" inch cedar picket, board on board type

Decorative Privacy Fence with Full Trim

This is the board on board, decorative privacy fence with full trim added. The trim usually includes:

2"x6" inch rough cedar top cap, and

1"x2" inch cedar trim piece.

We get many complements from this decorative type.

Decorative privacy fence with full trim, including cedar top cap and cedar 1x2 trim piece
decorative privacy fence, a board on board type with full trim

Even the backside of this style of fence looks pretty. We really like the board on board design and so do our customers. They get lots of compliments from their neighbors too.

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