Decorative Privacy Fence with Full Trim

Board on Board with Full Trim

Best photo of decorative privacy fencing with cedar top cap and trim piece

This board on board is a sharp looking Decorative Privacy Fence that will get complements from your neighbors. It's a simple, beautiful wooden fence design.

Trim elements include 2"x6" WRC cap and 1"x2" cedar trim piece.

Decorative privacy fence, board on board, installed Oklahoma City, Oklahoma

At the bottom of this particular fence is a pressure treated 2"x10".

The bottom of the fence pickets now we overlap the pressure treated board slightly. 

The home owner here was wonderful to work with. He wanted extra height added to a 6' foot high fence to add a little more privacy so both he and the neighbor could eat their meals without looking at each other from the rear dining windows.

Plus, the pressure treated material will likely preserve the pickets longer from rot and is easily replaced.

The fence is probably a little over 7' foot tall.

This is an option if you want to use a standard 6' tall picket but want a little extra height, but don't want to pay for 8' tall.  

We've installed a 2x4, 2x6, 2x8, 2x10, and 2x12 pressure treated "kicker" boards under a standard 6' tall picket.  Most common is just a 2x4 for weed eater protection and a little more height.  

Just remember, when we add extra height, we may need to go to a longer, or longer and stronger rated post.  For sure, once you hit 6.5 to 7' in total height you should be upgrading to a 9' long fence post rather than the standard 8' long fence post.

Top side of decorative privacy fence with trim
Decorative privacy fence inside view of gate
Top view of decorative cedar cap and cedar trim piece
Front entrance gate to decorative privacy fencing
Backside of decorative privacy fence
Decorative absolute privacy fence with trim, backside

Another board on board fence with full cedar trim built in Oklahoma City.

Board on board cedar with 7/8" thick Western Red Cedar pickets
Board on board cedar side fence
Back of fenceline with 3 Redwood stringers running along the back
Board on board backside with Contractor grade installed posts
Nice backyard view.  Fence installed Summer 2010.
Clearly defined board on board Western Red Cedar pickets oulined by shadows.

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