What makes a Beautiful
Wooden Privacy Fence?

Wood Privacy Fence - Custom WRC board on board with covered posts and a 2x6 cap and trim

The best wooden privacy fence would be built with a Western Red Cedar material and other faithful & proven material ensuring a beautiful, lasting wooden privacy fence.

In the Oklahoma City, Edmond, Moore, and Norman areas, wooden privacy fences are one of the most popular fencing type to have installed. And, that's why we specialize in building strong, lasting wooden fences.

We aim for:

  1. Dimensionally stable material (Western Red Cedar vs pressure treated pickets)
  2. Contractor grade, 20 weight American steel posts (versus landscape timbers)
  3. Thick cut, WRC 2x4's (versus big box store premade panels with thin 2x3's)
  4. Non streaking Upgraded Aluminum 1 7/8" nails (versus standard galvanized nails)
  5. Concrete on every post (versus no dig, concrete less post installs)
  6. Built Onsite, picket by picket (versus premade panels)

We'd rather overengineer and install materials that will more than adequately resist wind damage, rot, warping, and more sources of failure.

Wooden Privacy Fence
Custom Built On-Site

As a wooden privacy fence builder, we've been building right there on-site since 2007.  We're able to cull out "bad" pickets as we see them and able to build to match the grade of the property.

It's called "stick building" or "picket by picket".  It gives us more freedom to do a custom job rather than having to use prebuilt panels.

One of the only downsides of using prebuilt, or manufactured panels is when you need to match the panel to the grade of the ground, then you need to "rack" the panel, thus loosening the nails or fasteners.  

Another drawback is you are not able to select the material that goes into making that panel.

Shadow box wooden semi private fence

Our Thick cut 2x4's = Strong Framework
for our Privacy Fencing

Since 2007 we've found and sourced some of the finest fencing materials from different suppliers and manufacturers throughout the country.  For example, the 2x4's we use are thick cut, Western Red Cedar (WRC) 2x4's for the support of the wooden panel.

The cedar back rails are thick, rough cut 2x4's giving you lots of material for the money. 

The WRC 2x4's are a approximately 1.75" x 3.75" inches, so you get more material to really last a long time.

vs. Cheap Privacy Fence panels

Cheap privacy fence, with 2"x3" back rails, are lower quality. They are bought pre-built from the home improvement centers having a much thinner wooden back rail than a 2"x4".

These 2"x3"'s are much lower in quality than a thicker 2"x4", and more likely to sag in the middle.

They also contain a lot of unsightly knots in the pressure treated pickets. The knots make the wooden pickets weaker and more likely to break in the future with normal weathering and exposure to the harsh elements through the years.

Installers also have a difficult time with knots when and if they need to rip a picket lengthwise.  If there is a big knot in the middle, the integrity of the picket will be compromised.

We prefer not to install these pre-built panels.  Rather, Western Red Cedar is a very good, faithful and trusted wood by generations of fence builders.

Privacy Fence Pictures

Western Red Cedar especially is a great looking wood, dimensionally stable over time as it weathers, fragrant, and long lasting.  It is an attractive wood also, perfiectly sutied for residential and even commercial installations. Which includes around the pool area, garden, or even a shorter, decorative front yard fence. It also looks very attractive as a shadow box, or split rail type.

A well built, attractive privacy fence will add to the value of your home and property. Most home buyers have pets and/or children and will be looking for houses with yards for their kids and pets to play safely in and also to have some privacy.

And if you "blew in" from another state with the Oklahoma winds, a six (6') foot high wooden fencing will help control wind gusting through your backyard and patio areas.

To build a wooden privacy fence we've used trusted exterior, galvanized nails.  But, with the pandemic, trusted nails were hard to source, so we upgraded to aluminum nails.

To nail the wooden pickets to the back rails, the aluminum nails, with a plastic collation (the strip that helps hold all the nails together in a roll before using), help prevent and ensure no future rust streaks from the nail itself or from a metal collation fragment running down your new pickets.

Cedar, 8' foot high, dog ear, 6" inch wide picket privacy fence

The customer above freshly stained his cedar fencing after our installation.  We partner with and simply connect you with the best stain professionals in all of the OKC metro, such as Patriot Stain if you desire stain or sealer.

The above photo is an 8' foot wooden fence with 4" wide pickets and four, 2"x4" Western Red Cedar back rails joined to 6' foot privacy fencing along the far side.  When you install an 8' foot tall fence you need 4 back rails or stringers, but for a 6' foot tall fence, three back rails is perfect.  Only two back rails is too few and will expose the pickets to damage easier as they do not have as much support.

Privacy fence tips:

Have you considered asking your neighbor(s) if he or she would be interested in splitting the cost?

Often they are willing to contribute to their share of the fence line.

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For over 15+ years we've been a proven Oklahoma City fence company protecting your loved ones and livelihoods. 

We are a U.S. Air Force veteran owned and 2nd generation family business.  We are Oklahoma City's trusted & proven fence company. 

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