A Local Oklahoma City Fence Company vs. a Home Improvement Center

Save 30% or more by choosing A Better Fence Construction, your Local, Oklahoma City Fence Company vs. a corporate, Home Improvement Center.

Why choose a corporate, home improvement center to install your fence when you can get a local fence company to install it with better, stronger materials, and for less money?

Well, we ask ourselves the same thing. Here are some things to think about..

Were local with a home town small business feel and friendly service.

They are corporate giants that may care little about what’s the best value for your hard earned dollars.

We choose only the best materials such as thick, rough cut, 2x4” cedar back rails, Western Red Cedar pickets 5/8" thick or greater, and heavy duty, made in USA, contractor grade, .095" wall diameter, schedule 20 or greater steel posts for our 6' foot tall fences.

Whereas they will only install panels with 2x3” back rails, and/or pressure treated pickets that are prone to severe, unsightly warping, and light duty, 17 gauge "conduit" tubing as steel fence posts.

Even some of our large, local fence companies will also install 2x3" back railed panels instead of a stronger 2x4" back railed fence.

We want you to get TONS of value from your investment;
rather than pressuring you--just to SELL something.

They will try to tell you there is no difference between the 2x3's and the 2x4's. And that the panel gets to heavy.

Well, were here to tell you that it does make a difference and it doesn't get too heavy. The extra strength from the 2x4's will help prevent any sag in the future.

For most of our jobs with the Western Red Cedar pickets, we'll build your premium, cedar privacy fencing right on site, instead of using panels.

Plus, we'll always try to steer people away from choosing landscape timbers as their posts, as they are not the same thickness from years ago.

It’s not worth your hard earned money to get a cheap fence with landscape timbers and then have to keep "nursing it" along with maintenance - just to get the life out of the fencing. You’ll likely end up paying more in repairs and frustration in the end - to try and get the money out of your investment.

Why not spend a little more to get contractor grade, galvanized steel posts (from an actual fence company) and better materials that won’t give trouble in five years like landscape timbers do and be done with it?

Actual fence quotes for an fence in Moore, OK

Fence quote comparison between ABFC and home impromvent center

The 3.5" inch wide picket installation in Moore, OK used in this comparison.  Now we like to only use 5.5" inch wide Western Red Cedar pickets and thick cut Western Red Cedar 2x4's.

White wood corner installation

We install schedule 20, contractor grade steel posts with a heavy galvanization coating, and .095” inch wall thickness on every residential site.

They install a 17 gauge “conduit tubing” (as described on the price item sticker in picture below) from their store stock, that is only .055” inches thick, on every typical residential site.

(Below is their 17 gauge post.)

17 guage conduit tubing for post

We normally do not charge for estimates. (Except during peak periods, to find serious customers, and keep a normal family life. Which is applied to the final total if you choose us.)

They always charge $35 for every estimate. (Eventually subtracted from the final total IF you use them.)

Go with a professional, local, Oklahoma City fence company that brings you exceptional value and service.

For over 15+ years we've been a proven Oklahoma City fence company protecting your loved ones and livelihoods. 

We are a U.S. Air Force veteran owned and 2nd generation family business.  We are Oklahoma City's trusted & proven fence company. 

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