Chain Link Fence Pricing

New GAW chain link wire mesh

Looking for the chain link fence pricing?  Residential grade material will be cheaper than commercial grade materials.  We can quote on site for both chain link fence installation at your home or business.

Chain link provides probably the lowest cost price alternative. It provides strength, security, is long lasting, and is lower cost than wooden privacy fence, vinyl privacy, or ornamental iron fencing.

Galvanized Chain Link Fence

On standard galvanized chain-link, a 11 or 11.5 gauge wire mesh fabric is typically used on your residential or light industrial properties.  We prefer to use 11 guage.

The 11 guage fabric will work also on light duty commercial installations.

A 9 gauge wire is used for heavier commercial installations.

Commercial 9 gauge chain link fence

A 6 gauge wire is used for higher security commercial applications.  The lower the gauge number the thicker the diameter wire on the chain-link fabric.

We usually do not install chain-link supplies from the home improvement centers.

We prefer to install GAW (Galvanization After Weave) chain link fencing.

GAW chain link is completely covered or hot dipped in molten Zinc, which prohibits red rust.

American made galvanized materials will prevent a "white" rust compared to imported fabric.

We purchase most of our fabric material from fence suppliers here who make their own fencing, American made, in either Dallas or Tulsa.

Vinyl Coated Chain Link Fence

Vinyl coated chain-link fence has attractive pricing, look, and longevity.  Black is the most popular color and beautifully blends well with the environment.

Often chain link fences will last longer than wood privacy and often require less yearly maintenance.

Chain Link Fence Pricing Per Foot

Our chain link fence pricing is calculated per linear foot, and the number of corners, terminations, and placements of gates.

The price is often changing due to post covid supply chain catchup, seasonal demand & current supply depth from manufacturers and distributers.

Call us for a quote on current pricing per foot for installations on:

4' foot high
5' foot high
6' foot high
7' foot high
8' foot high and up

Which roughly runs around $12-19* per foot installed, depending on the height of the fence, plain galvanized or vinyl coated, and price of material.  This all depends on the size of the job, the scope of work, the height of the fence, galvanized or vinyl coated, guages and thicknesses of posts and top rails, etc.

Chain-link is typically about half the cost of a 6' Western Red Cedar wood privacy fence.

With 3 barb wire strands, for commercial chain-link, it may be $19+ per foot for larger sized jobs.

*These are rough estimations and not considered actual quotes.  Please call for a quote for your particular project and type of fence you need.

We can help with questions, pricing, and willing to talk with you concerning your fence project. You are in no way committed to us, we are here to assist you.

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