5/8" x 6" Solid Board, Western Red Cedar Privacy Fence

5/8" x 6" Solid Board, Western Red Cedar Privacy Fence Design

Presenting our most popular wood privacy fence, the: 

5/8" x 6" Solid Board Western Red Cedar Privacy Fence

  • Custom built, Picket by Picket on site
  • 5/8" thick Western Red Cedar Pickets
  • 1.75" x 3.75" thick Western Red Cedar 2x4 backrails (thickest type)
  • Heavy grade, American-made Galvanized Steel Posts, .095" side wall
  • 2 - 2 - 2  Nail Pattern
  • Strong, Simpson brand Strong-Tie PGT2 connectors 
  • Solid, easy adjusting True Latch anti-sag super strong gate brace

Solid Board, Western Red Cedar Privacy Fence Design from an angle

Details on our most popular Wooden fence:

5/8" x 6" Solid Board Western Red Cedar Privacy Fence

  1. Built on site:  For a custom look, rather than slapping up a few panels, we build your fence on site, picket by picket.  Overall, the look comes out a little better in our opinion than the traditional panel.  99% of the wooden fences we install are built picket by picket on site.
  2. The Pickets: (The Western Red Cedar pickets are 5/8" in thickness.   The width may vary from 5 1/2" to 6".
  3. The 2x4 backrails: We order the thicker, 1 3/4" Western Red Cedar type.  Some companies install the 1 5/8" thick 2x4 which is thinner.
  4. The Contractor-grade Galvanized Steel Posts: We try to order only American steel posts, which from our experience are a little better in quality than steel from Mexico and China.
  5. 2 - 2 - 2  Nail Pattern:  If you go to Lowes or Home Depot for them to install one of their panels, many of the pickets will be nailed with a 2-1-2 or even a 1-1-1 nail pattern.  (This means one picket might only have 1 nail in the top rail, 1 in the middle rail, and 1 in the bottom rail.)  For 6" wide pickets we normally use 6 nails per picket.   
  6. The Simpson brand Strong-Tie PGT2 connectors:  The Simpson "Pipe Grip Ties attach wood fence rails to metal fence posts, eliminating rotted and failed wood posts".   The brackets are made with 12 Guage galvanized steel, approximately .108" in thickness.  We find they are superior than all other brackets.
  7. Easy adjusting True Latch metal gate brace:  We install a double patented True Latch anti-sag gate brace to make it easier to adjust your own gate when it is needed.  Simply release the bottom nut, then tighten the top nut, to bring the gate higher for the perfect latch.

Western Red Cedar Privacy Fence Design from the backside, post side of fence
Western Red Cedar Privacy Fence gate from the backside with True Latch anti sag gate brace
Western Red Cedar Privacy Fence design and gate from the front
Western Red Cedar Privacy Fence design with double drive gate from the backside with True Latch anti sag gate braces

Built with some of the best materials available, excellent craftsmanship, and great prices, its no wonder it's our number one selling fence installation.

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