Ensure your getting the Strongest Metal Fence Post!

When we install a metal fence post, we want to make sure that you are going to get a strong, long lasting wooden fence. That's why we choose to install American made, contractor grade, heavy-duty, 20 weight or 13 guage steel posts and install every one with precision leveling them three ways: inline, side-to-side, and across the tops. The best galvanization process is typically from an American mill.

We try only to install American posts for all 6' tall residential fences and have for the last 15 years.

The galvanization treatment is what gives it a long life against the outdoor harsh elements.

Thick, contractor grade, galvanized steel posts will give you a fence line that resists Oklahoma storm gusts and severe weather better than cheaper home improvement center installations with 16 or 17 guage posts.  Even if you were able to find a store with 15 guage post, it would not still come close to our 13 gage post.

The life expectancy of a heavy duty, steel metal fence post is easily 4x times greater than short lived landscape timbers.

Landscape timbers don't last as long, succumbing quickly to rot, mower and weed eater damage, splitting and cracking, sometimes severe twisting and warping, and weathering damage that weakens the holding power of the large nails securing the panels to the posts.

It seems the only posts we repair and replace are landscape timbers or 4x4 treated posts. That's why we choose and recommend heavy duty, contractor grade, 0.095" inch thick or greater, galvanized steel posts.

Steel, heavy duty, metal fence post.  Round, galvanized 2 3/8" O.D., 13 guage, 0.95" wall thickness, 20 weight  post.

The metal post above is rated schedule 20, and measures 0.095" inches wall thickness.

For 6' foot high residential installations, we use an 8' foot long contractor grade, galvanized metal post that you cannot buy at the home improvement centers and set it over 2' feet in the ground.

These posts are a 13 guage posts.  The home improvement centers typically carry only a 15, 16, or 17 guage post.  (The higher the number = thinner the wall thickness.  The LOWER the number = THICKER wall).

Pictured below is a cheap metal conduit pipe that is used by a certain home improvement center to build wooden privacy fences for their customers.  (17 guage pictured below)

A poor quality pole.  An appx. 17 guage galvanized metal fence post.

Being 0.055” inches thick (17 guage), it is poor quality for Oklahoma, with our severe annual weather and frequent strong winds.

Would you want this being installed on your property? We certainly wouldn't.

It is hard to see the difference unless you take the post cap off.

Support your local fence companies that give you great value (excellent materials, excellent workmanship, at excellent prices) rather than national chain store, corporate giants who don't care if you get a poor quality product at an exorbitant price.

Choose a fence builder that ensures your hard earned money will be invested in a fence that will stand up against the strong Oklahoma winds.

Metal Fence Post
Q and A's

Question:  What is the metal fence post installation process?

Answer:  The ideal way to install metal fence posts are to excavate the soil to create a 6" inch diameter hole approximately 20-24" deep for a typical 2 3/8" diameter, round metal post.  Drive in with a post driver to temporarily set the post in line with the string or the existing fence to your desired depth.  Plumb the post.  Then pour your concrete.  Replumb the post individually and/or in-line with existing set posts.

Question:  What metal fence post do you use for a 6' tall wood privacy fence?

Answer:  The recommended metal fence post for 6' foot tall wood privacy fence is a 8' foot long, domestically made (made in the US), round, 2 3/8" inch O.D. (outside diameter), 13 gauge post.  A 13 gauge post = a wall thickness of .095 inches.  This post is often called a schedule 20 weight post.  Ensure you are actually getting a 13 guage or 20 weight post with a micrometer to check the wall thickness from your supplier.

Question:  What are the "best" metal fence posts you can buy?

Answer:  We recommend domestically produced galvanized steel posts (US made).  The US steel is a higher grade and better quality than import posts.  Chose at least a schedule 20 weight, or 13 guage post that has a wall thickness of .095" inches for a typical 6' foot tall residential wooden privacy fence or a 6' tall commercial chain-link fence.  This will ensure future wind loads on the residential privacy fence or the commercial chain link (if a large ad or promotional banner or windscreen or privacy slats are added) the fence will easily withstand a 100% wind load over the face of the fence.

Question:   What are the benefits of a metal fence post versus a wood post?


  • The metal fence post will outlast wood posts everytime. 99.9% of the time a galvanized metal fence post will outlast a wood post.  From over 14+ years of experience, the only posts failing (rotting, or breaking off at the ground level) are wood posts.  
  • They are dimensionally stable.  Meaning they will not warp or twist as they dry and are exposed to the elements.
  • They are typically reusable.  Often after the wood panels have failed after 20 years, the steel posts are good to install new panels for another 20 years.

Question:  What's the process of cutting metal fence posts?

Answer:  If your going to DIY the fence removal, you can cut an existing metal post with a reciprocating saw (aka Sawzall) and a standard 6" inch blade with a finer or higher teeth count for cutting metal specifically (longer than 6" you increase the chance of cutting nearby utilities such as your communication cable to you or your neighbors house).  This is usually easier than a grinder.  The reciprocating saw creates very few sparks and heats the metal less generating less toxic fumes compared to a grinder.

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