Installing a Wooden Fence

Building a Wood Fence or need help Installing a Wooden Fence? These wooden fence installation instructions are to help our "do it yourself" home owners with their own Privacy Fence Installation.

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Eighth, remember how you planned to run the privacy fence panels (which fence line overlaps each other) and attach your Simpson brackets accordingly to the posts, 3 per pole for a 6’ foot fence.

Ninth, you've done the foundational work for building a wood fence, now begin screwing your panels onto the brackets or poles. It may be best to tack them with one screw or two and keep going down the line to see how things keep coming out at your poles.

Install a string at the top and draw it tight or let it gently sag to compensate for a slope in the land or just sight the top of each panel according to your preference without a string. Once you have the top of the fence line where you want it, go back and screw everything in.

Your finished unless you are building a wood fence gate. You need to cut the wood panel for the width of the opening approximately 1/2" inch to 3/4" inch shorter than the width of the opening. And, you will need to trim anywhere 1 1/2" to 2" inches off the bottom for a free swinging gate.

You'll need the gate hardware to begin to attach the hinges to the fence and the gate in place, and then the latch, then the thumb, and then the handle. Then finally install the brace on the gate itself to prevent sag.

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