How to Build Privacy Fence

Knowing How to Build Privacy Fence is easier if you can have a local fence company assist you! If your Building a Privacy Fence we've got instructions, cedar panels, and wooden fence hardware.

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Second, before building a wood fence you want to tear down the old fencing and and make way for you to install your new posts. The posts will most likely be 8’ foot on centers.

For most, knowing how to build privacy fence is the hard part, and actually building a privacy fence is the easy part. Therefore, clear out the old fencing and your work area so you have freedom to work and concentrate.

If you need to pull out a few of the old wood posts, or dig them out, do so before you cut all the posts off. Your new posts should stagger in between the old wood ones.

Again, you should have called the utilities company before installing anything to make sure where the utilities are at.

Third, this is where the building and planning gets a little more difficult, and you need a little more ingenuity to know exactly how your going to place the posts and the fence line.

Building a wood fence yourself requires you to do good planning before hand, so know where your panels will run up to, stop, and how they will connect.

Your main concern is with the side fence, and running it up to the front fencing facing the street, that your second pole from the corner pole will be at 8’ foot where the side panel will stop.

Do not go 8' foot off of the corner pole since the first side panel will go past the corner pole up to the front. Generally, you want to stay in the old fence line.

You need to know where you will place to corner posts; this will help you in determining where the corners of the fence will be. Here at this step you need to install a string line running just off the ground to get a straight line for planting the posts.

The string line will be for the inside edge of the posts. So you need to make sure you give space for the panels in the fence line and not go much on to the neighbor’s property.

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