Custom Built Wooden Privacy Fence

All of our "Wooden Fence Panels" shown below are now custom built, picket by picket, on-site, for the length of each fencing run.

*We no longer sell new fence panels to the public.

Currently, we custom build three different types onsite featuring 6" wide and 6' foot tall Red Cedar pickets.

The three fencing types we build are a Solid Board, Shadowbox, and Board on Board.

Solid Board Dog Ear Cedar Fence Panels

Solid cedar privacy fence panel, 6" wide dog ear cedar pickets, redwood backrail stringers

This panel is built with picket installed next to picket with no gaping intended. Built with all Red Cedar picket lumber and cedar 2"x4" back rails. They are 6' foot high by 8' foot wide.

Call for a free estimate with a Solid Board, cedar installation.

Shadowbox Panels

A Shadow Box semi-private panel we build here in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma with 6" cedar pickets, 6' foot high x 8' foot wide

Shadowbox is one of the most required type in certain neighborhoods in Edmond. Shadowbox privacy fence panels should really be called semi-private. It looks attractive, yet it does not offer as much privacy as some folks may want.

The lack of total privacy is due to the spacing of the pickets on the front and back of the panels. People can see partially through the fencing at an angle.

They are 6' foot high x 8' foot wide, with 6" wide dog ear Red Cedar pickets, and cedar back rail stringers. Call for a free estimate for a Shadowbox installation.

Decorative "Absolute" Privacy Panels

Decorative absolute privacy fence panel installed, 6' foot high x 8' foot wide, cedar pickets and redwood back rail stringers
Decorative style absolute privacy fence panel, made in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma.  Cedar pickets, 2" x 4" inch redwood backrail stringers, galvanized ribbed nails.
Decorative absolute privacy fence panel, cedar pickets, redwood backrail stringers, 6" wide pickets, 6' foot x 8' foot wide panels
Decorative panel backside, we built in Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, November 23, 2009

Board on Board is a popular type in Oklahoma City and it looks really good. We would suggest Board on Board if someone wants to ensure no one can see through to the neighbors or just wants a really sharp looking fence!

Even the backside looks very beautiful. Truly a good neighbor fence!

It is similar in construction to the shadowbox type. As you can see from the pictures, no pickets are installed on the backside, but a picket is installed overlapping two other pickets on the front for complete privacy.

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